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How to Enable Trim on El Capitan

Macs just enable TRIM for the Apple-if strong state drives they accompany. On the off chance that you update your Mac with a post-retail SSD, your Mac won’t utilize TRIM with it. This decreases the drive’s execution.

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Why is My Mac Downloading So Slow?

The Internet is your Mac’s door to whatever is left of the world, and having a speedy association is essential in the event that you need to download motion pictures, make video calls, play diversions, or even work on the

How to Play Windows Games on Mac

“PC gaming” has usually suggested Windows gaming, in any case it doesn’t have to. More new games support Mac OS X than whenever in late memory, and you can play any Windows game on your Mac.

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Game Booster for Mac Retina

Mac clients with Retina presentations may have seen that gaming performance is at times lessened on these machines. The reason is very basic; in case you’re running the game at local determination, at that point the Mac needs to drive

Troubleshoot Safari Freezes

When Safari is as however encountering diligent issues, your current most solid option could possibly be to use Chrome or even Firefox until further observe. The two are free and incredible web programs, my own inclination is made for Chrome

Fix: How to Unfreeze Mac

Multicolour spinning beach ball is surely an unwelcome sight on your Apple, at least when that ball never looks to leave the screen. A beach ball of which just keeps spinning is a sign that the cranky Mac has turned