AppTrap for Mac - a one click App Uninstaller

AppTrap isn’t really an application but instead a System Preference sheet, which you introduce and afterward it keeps running out of sight (and you can set AppTrap to consequently begin at login). At whatever point you drag an application to the Trash, AppTrap will incite you to delete all the application’s connected files, incorporating any files introduced in that application’s reserve, library, or application bolster folders.

Is Apptrap safe for my Mac

It looks safe, yet insufficient in light of the fact that it just takes a gander at inclination files. Those aren’t the files you have to stress over. Never depend on any sort of “Application Zapper” or AppCleaner. In a perfect world, just introduce programming from the Mac App Store. In the event that you truly require programming introduced from elsewhere, dependably ensure you know how to uninstall apps on Mac it should the time come. On the off chance that the product requests your secret key to introduce, be additional mindful.

This is the place AppTrap proves to be useful. Not exclusively does it uninstall applications and each one of those different files associated with the applications, it does as such out of sight so you don’t need to consider it.

Installing AppTrap

1. Download the application from the AppTrap site, at that point open it from your picked goal for downloads. This will open the application in your System Preferences, yet before doing as such will ask which accounts you need it stacked on – just yours or every one of the records on the PC. You will then be requested an executive name and secret key to totally introduce it.

2. AppTrap will show a popup inquiring as to whether you need to delete the related framework files also. On the off chance that you tap the little bolt on the base left, it will demonstrate to you a posting of all the framework files that are related with the file you just dragged into the trash. On the off chance that you need every one of them gone, click “Move files,” generally click “Leave files.”

3. Unless you delete the files for all time, everything is still on your hard drive until the point when you discharge the Trash. Draw up on “Exhaust the Trash” in the File menu and the things you just tossed in the trash, alongside every other file that were sitting in the trash can from prior, are presently deleted.

How to use app trap

With the free application AppTrap, you should simply put an application into your Trash and the greater part of its files related with it will consequently run with it. Simply download AppTrap for your OS X rendition, unfasten the file, open the AppTrap.prefPane file, at that point tap on “Introduce.”

  • Presently open AppTrap from the symbol that shows up in System Preferences.
  • Tap on “Begin AppTrap” and you’re good to go.
  • At whatever point you put an application in the Trash, a popup will give the idea that inquires as to whether you either need to move the related framework files with it or abandon them be.

Beneath you can see 7 extra files and folders that were associated with iSkysoft TunesOver, the Mac application that I sent to Trash.